Gilmore Jr. Instant Two Watt Mod

Two Watt Converter Base & ECC99

Very easy to do!  First, remove the stock 6n1p output tube from your Gilmore Jr. and replace it with the Two Watt Adapter socket with an ECC99 installed.  Immediately begin enjoying additional clean head-room and ~ two Watts of additional power.  Want to change back to the stock 6n1p half-watt output?  Just remove the output socket adapter base holding the ECC99 and put the 6n1p back in.  No soldering or opening up the Gilmore Jr.  You can also use a 12AT7 or 12AU7 tube in the adapter base for additional tonal possibilities.  Please do not put a 12AX7 in the output tube socket base adapter.  It won't survive.  A 'dummy' socket and mounting hardware is included to store the swapped output tube.

Gilmore Jr. 'V' Mod

Looking for more sparkle and chime with a wider tonal voice?

The 'V' mod includes all components and instructions to easily mod the stock build

Gilmore Jr. 'M' Mod

Change the gain/drive of your Gilmore Jr for a British flavor

The 'M' mod includes all components and instructions to easily mod the stock build

Guytronix supports all of your modification efforts, no worries!

We will supply mod instructions for those Customers who wish to source the components themselves