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Tube Amp kits
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Electric Guitar or Bass

1/2, two and eight watt

Low watt, killer tone

  • Anodized Mil Spec. coated aluminum chassis
  • Chassis is complete with all holes punched for ease of assembly
  • Threaded stainless steel PEM nuts pressed into the chassis
  • Spot-faced chassis star ground with threaded stud
  • Cliffs shorting jacks
  • Full size ALPHA pots
  • Orange drop and Mallory 150 caps
  • Silver mica caps
  • Over-rated voltage and temp range electrolytic filter caps
  • Carling SPST on/off and stand-by switches
  • Ceramic tube sockets
  • Neon power lamp (doesn't interfere with the heater supply)
  • IEC receptacle for removing power cord
  • 1% tolerance metal film resistors for low noise
  • Metal oxide resistors for high wattage applications
  • Teflon multi-colored insulated silver hook-up wire
  • G10 F7 epoxy glass turret board, Mil Spec. (pre drilled and staked with turrets)
  • Mercury Magnetics Power and Output Transformers
  • Red oak end caps
  • Customer 'hand-holding' for all tube amp kit building
  • Documentation includes 40 pages of text, drawings and 'easy-build' guides
  • Includes everything to build a great sounding tube amp head except solder